Sunday, 26 March 2017

Five fun photos from the royal week

Five royals, five fun moments caught on camera....

Royalty has never been more photographed. Five hundred years ago, you might go a whole lifetime without even knowing what your country's monarch looked like. Today, you can't go five minutes without finding a royal, somewhere, being snapped. But while the images that grace the front pages and the social media accounts of the ruling houses are mostly picture perfect representations of modern royalty, there are plenty of off guard moments caught on camera that raise a smile or two. Here are five fun royal moments from the week just gone.

When it comes to off guard photos of royals, no one does it better than Willem-Alexander. The King of the Netherlands has a knack of raising a smile, intentional or not, in his royal photos. This week was no exception. It wasn't so much tiptoeing through the tulips as leaping over the daffodils at a meeting of the Oranje Fonds this week. The only thing better than this rather awkward royal floral tribute is the sea of totally bemused faces watching on. Genius.

This one isn't in the royal manual. How do you unveil a statue of the last king to bear the same name as your husband when a) it's chucking it down, b) you're holding an umbrella and c) someone's wrapped the thing in what appears to be the world's biggest bin bag?  With a little help from a new friend, that's how. Camilla grins and bears it as she does the honours and reveals a new statue of King Charles II on a visit to Newmarket. 

Her husband, meanwhile, was caught looking every inch the belligerent bar customer on a visit to Settle in Yorkshire. While touring local businesses, he ended up in a wine shop where to the untrained eye he appeared to be asking for another quick snifter while the manager steeled himself to break it to him that the wine was done for the day.

Astrid of Norway didn't just wear one of THE outfits of the year - what's not to love about a princess in that print - but she also did what all royals must want to do at some point or the other and took the weight off. While welcoming the President of Iceland and his wife on a State Visit to Norway, Princess Astrid took a breather against a pillar while her baby brother, King Harald, got on with the serious business of official gift presentations. When you're 85 and can pull that outfit off with aplomb then the pillar does exactly what you tell it to do.

Normally, Prince Harry exudes a confident charm that wins friends and influences people just about everywhere he goes but on a visit to Leicestershire, he looked less than certain as he offered to help hand out lunch. The prince needn't have looked so concerned - everyone had ordered the same thing so no risk of a mix up - but the prince was clearly having a perfectionist phase and didn't relax until he'd set all his plates down.

Photo credit:, Invictus Games screen grab,, Clarence House Instagram.

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