Thursday, 9 July 2015

Fairytale frocks for queens and princesses

Once upon a time, royal romances were all about fairytales. And even when they've been married for eleven years, queens need a fairytale moment. Letizia of Spain got one this week when she wore a dress straight from a story book for a State Dinner for the President of Peru. And it just goes to show that even when being royal is your day job, a night of dressing like a fairytale is still a bit of a dream.

The Queen of Spain  in her fairytale dress at a dinner for the President of Peru

OK, there were some who said it was slightly too fairytale and drew comparisons with the huge blue gown worn by Cinderella in the recent film or the cartoon version from decades ago. But this was one of Letizia's most spectacular dresses, a far cry from the T-shirt style tops with full skirts she wore for so many evening events when first married, and a full on blast of glamour in the heat of a full on Spanish summer.


It's not the first time Letizia has worn a princess style dress - the first came when she was still a princess and she picked a beige sparkly creation with full skirt for the pre wedding dinner held for Europe's royals in London when they all arrived to see Prince William marry Kate.


 The skirt wasn't so full and the lack of sleeves of any kind left this looking evening wear than my prince will come but until 2015 it was the closest this queen had come to fairytale frock.


 Letizia's not the only royal to fall in love with the dream dress. Victoria of Sweden does ball gowns like no other princess or queen around at the moment. She regularly gives us big skirted, perfectly constructed creations which wow and some, like the red she chose as 2014 came to an end, are unforgettable.


It was beyond magnificent, so huge it seemed to take over the whole event and so stunning it had to be looked at time and time again to make sure it was real.


Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is usually, like Letiza, more likely to go for something sleek and fitted when rocking out the diamonds at a gala do. Her best fairytale style dress came at a wedding in Vienna - this lilac loveliness might have been worn when she was already a queen but it was a pure princess of a dress if ever there was one.


Lime green isn't usually a colour associated with fairytales but Queen Margrethe of Denmark turned it into a spectacular show of royal dressing at New Year celebrations in 2014. There's stunning and there's this.


But the best princess dress of recent years still belongs to her daughter in law, Crown Princess Mary, who wore a lavender lovely to the wedding of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden this summer and almost stole the show.


This dress, with its delicate top and seemingly endless skirt, is the stuff that little girls dream of and what fairytales frocks are made of. There are often comparisons made between Mary and Letizia but when it comes to princess dresses, the newest queen on the continent is still playing catch up.


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