Tuesday, 7 July 2015

George steals the show at Charlotte's christening

Big brothers and sisters usually end up starring in more photos at a royal christening than the baby themselves, mostly because they're bigger, moving around more and aged about two when all of us are at our cutest. Prince George may be a king in waiting but he was no different. As little sister, Charlotte, was christened all eyes were on George.

George Alexander Louis at the christening of Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

It all started as the family of four made their way to the Church of St Mary Magdalene at Sandringham on the short walk from the big house itself. After a quick look at what Kate was wearing and a lots of admiring gasps at the loveliness of the pram she was pushing it was all about George. The little prince was doing vintage again in a replica of the outfit his dad wore to visit Prince Harry for the first time. And he did it well. It's hard not to look cute at the age of almost two and by the time George had strode, confidently, to the church he had a whole new army of fans on hand.

Then there was the handshake. There is something irresistible about a little person doing what big people do and the sight of George shaking hands with the minister who had come outside to welcome the Cambridge family was yet another highlight of a day that was about both children rather than the baby being christened. But it was after the ceremony that George really came into his own.

The image of him talking to his great grandmother and of her bending down and smiling to keep the chat going is one of the most special we have seen of future king George and the monarch he will one day follow, Elizabeth II. When she posed for a four generations photo with this little prince, his father and his grandfather it was a 21st century version of an image that had first starred Victoria and the three men lined up to take her throne. This is new ground - a monarch, on the brink of history, with the boy who will probably wear her crown in 2115 doing what great grannies and great grandsons do best. Have fun. It was a family moment in the life of a dynasty and is perhaps one of the most special royal photos we have.

But when they're not starring in moments that will be remembered for centuries, little boys like to do things they're not meant to - cue George grabbing the wheels of the pram before nanny Maria, in her Norland uniform, moved the royal fingers away to safety.

All that would have been more than enough to keep royal watchers going for weeks but then George decided he needed to have a peek at the baby who was meant to be at the centre of attention. The little prince got up on tip toes, held the side of the vintage pram and peeped in. It is already one of the most famous photos of his childhood.

Having won everyone over with a display of brotherly love, the grown ups took their eye off George. William started to chat to someone only for his son to see his moment and run for the exit with at least a couple of seconds of freedom before his daddy the duke noticed and legged it after him.

And just to show the family side of things, as they began the walk back George got grumpy and both dad and mum soothed and smiled before the king in waiting was scooped up into the arms of the man who will take the throne before him and carried home for his tea.   Charlotte be warned - big brothers have a habit of stealing the limelight. Welcome to the world of royal siblings.


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