Saturday, 26 November 2016

Prince Harry in the Caribbean, Day Six - St Lucia

Prince Harry in Soufriere, St Lucia on day six of his tour of the Caribbean
(photo Kensington Palace Twitter)

Anyone for cricket? Day Six of Prince Harry's Caribbean tour included an exhibition cricket match, a chat with young people working to save the natural environment and another chance to see the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy extended. All before the prince sailed off into the sunset. Welcome to Day Six of Harry's Caribbean tour.

It was an all action start to the day for Prince Harry who had the small matter of a cricket match against the Prime Minister of St Lucia to get out of the way.

The prince and the premier squared up at the Darren Sammy Stadium for the match with Harry choosing to bat.

It was a good call by the captain as his team ended up winning the match by 24 runs - not that anyone noticed Harry was pleased at all.

Harry has had a big and welcoming turnout all the way through this tour and there was a very warm reception for him at the end of the match.

Then it was on to engagements linked to a subject close to Harry's heart and which have been an ongoing theme throughout this tour. The prince met young people involved in conservation work.

Harry also heard about the work of the Child Development and Guidance Centre in St Lucia before heading to Pigeon Island for another regular part of his tour - the dedication of part of the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy.

It wouldn't be a royal tour unless there was a bit of tree planting too and Prince Harry picked up his spade and rooted down a Calabash tree - the national tree of St Lucia.

Prince Harry also recognised the work of those taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, presenting Gold International Awards as his time in St Lucia came to an end.

Then it was time to sail off into the sunset but not before meeting some more of the many people who had come out to welcome him to St Lucia. In the port of Soufriere, Harry tried local delicacies and had a good giggle before boarding the ship that is taking him around the Caribbean. The prince sailed off into the sunset, approaching the mid way part of his tour and with a series of successes behind him.

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