Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Harry sings his causes loud

Prince Harry with the Joyful Noise Choir in London
(photo Kensington Palace Instagram)

Prince Harry wants to sing it from the rooftops. The prince has been a high profile supporter of HIV/ AIDS charities for a while and even took an HIV test in the summer, live on Facebook, to encourage others to get their own check. On his latest visit to a charity in London, he's joined forces with a choir to make sure the message really gets across.

Harry was visiting the NAZ Project which is the biggest charity in the capital focusing on on the sexual health of the BAME community. It also works in the area of HIV/ AIDS.

Harry was there to hear about their work, talk to those providing support and hear from those who use the charity's services.

Then we got to the singing. Just hours after Harry's visit, the nOSCARS were being handed out - special awards recognising the achievements of those working in sexual health in the BAME community.  Part of the ceremony was a performance from the Joyful Noise Choir whose members are living with HIV. As they prractised, Harry joined in with a bit of Bob Marley before posing for photos.

The awards themselves included a speech by Princess Tessy of Luxembourg who presented one of the prizes. Earlier she and her husband, Prince Louis, had joined Harry at rehearsals. Kensington Palace tweeted after Harry's visit to thank the NAZ Project for sharing 'your fantastic work to promote sexual health and HIV support services in London'.

Prince Harry has supported a wide range of projects involving people living with HIV and during his forthcoming trip to the Caribbean he will carry out a series of engagements linked to World AIDS Day which takes place during the last part of his visit to Barbados. You never know. he might sing then as well - if it gets attention for a cause he feels passionately about then you really can't count it out with Harry.

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