Monday, 7 November 2016

State Dinner Sparklers: Maxima in New Zealand

Queen Maxima in Queen Emma's Diamond Tiara during a State Banquet in New Zealand
(photo GovernorGeneralNZ Instagram)

State Visit Australia might have been limited to a rather lovely diamond necklace with a few heirloom emeralds thrown in for good measure, but Queen Maxima has given us the full royal sparkle with a tiara at the start of State Visit New Zealand. At a banquet held in honour of Maxima and her husband, King Willem-Alexander, on the first evening of their three days in New Zealand, this queen consort dazzled in diamonds bought for the last woman to hold the role she now has. Here's Queen Maxima in Queen Emma's Diamond Tiara.

Emma was queen consort of the Netherlands for eleven years. She was the second wife of William III, the last man to be king of the country before the accession of Willem-Alexander in 2013, and her only child became the first of the long line of queen regnants that would take charge of the Netherlands for over a century. This sparkling tiara was a present from the king to his queen but arrived too late for him to see her wear it. By the time Emma got her hands on this diamond diadem, her husband had died and she was regent for their young daughter, Queen Wilhelmina.

The tiara itself is rather pretty, with three large clusters of diamonds set in scrolls made of sparklers rising to a central point. They sit on top of a band of plain diamonds while at the sides of the scrolls are large, round diamonds tapering out to either side of the tiara.

This is a pure diamond fest and just right for this State Banquet packing plenty of bling while not being too dominant - Maxima was the only diadem wearer last night. And it's a nice nod to the last woman to hold her title. They might be separated by decades in time but Maxima and Emma have their own shared space in history.

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