Friday, 2 December 2016

Prince Harry in the Caribbean, Day Twelve - Barbados

Prince Harry and Rihanna take an AIDS test on World AIDS Day
(photo Kensington Palace Twitter)

The final leg of Prince Harry's visit to Barbados co-incided with World AIDS Day and the royal wasted no time in getting a serious message across. Harry took an HIV test live on Facebook earlier this year to try and end the stigma around getting checked. On December 1st 2016, he sat next to one of the most famous pop stars in the world, Rihanna, as they both took tests in front of the world's media to encourage others to do the same. Harry on day twelve of his Caribbean tour was ruling.

It was the first event of another special day in Barbados and the one for which his visit there, perhaps his whole Caribbean tour, will be remembered. Harry and Rihanna chatted while the simple tests were carried out - Kensington Palace tweeted that there is too much stigma about HIV/ AIDS and these tests are one way to reduce that.

Harry and Rihanna also gave an interview and there was later a tweet of thanks from Palace to the popstar for her work in helping end the stigma around HIV.  Harry left with a new friend and a lot of interest in a message he has made it his mission this year to share.

Next stop on the tour for Harry was a visit to the Nature Fun Ranch where he heard about projects helping young people with their personal development.

He might well have hoped for some tips from his new friend, Rihanna, as he found himself on stage and with microphone but then this is Harry, he sailed through it.

He met the people working there as well as some of the youngsters who use the ranch and the animals that live there.

Harry has spent a lot of his time in the Caribbean travelling by sea but he spent some time in a plane for the next part of his journey as he headed to the Regional Security System at Paragon Base to see how countries in the Eastern Caribbean area work together.


The final act of his time in Barbados once again celebrated the 50th anniversary of the country's Independence. Harry attended a military parade held to mark the event at Kensington Oval where the concert celebrating the anniversary had been the night before.

The prince inspected the guard and enjoyed a huge parade that included people from all over Barbados. There was another big welcome for Harry who has been popular throughout his stay in Barbados. This part of his stay has been a huge success with Harry winning fans and hitting the headlines for causes close to his heart. The prince's next stop is Guyana where he will arrive on December 2nd 2016.

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