Thursday, 1 December 2016

State Visit Style: Letizia in Portugal

Queen Letizia sparkles in green during her State Visit to Portugal this
(photo casareal Twitter)

Three days, six outfits, not one single tiara. Despite high hopes for sparkling dinner during the Spanish State Visit to Portugal, which ran from November 28th to November 30th 2016, Letizia kept it simple and left the diamonds behind. Not to worry, we still got a quintet of looks that are well worth remembering. Here is Letizia's State Visit style in Portugal.

For the first day of the visit, Queen Letizia went for a vision in lilac. The lace coat was purest pale lavender while the darker dress behind added definition.

It's very classy and very classic and just interesting enough for a second look. An updo and some pearl earrings added the finishing touches and made a super start to the State Visit wardrobe.

Hopes were high for a tiara moment at the State Banquet on day one but the Queen of Spain decided against diadems and went for a knockout lace look instead.

There is nothing not to love about this black embellished bonanza with its white underlay. From the neat top to the clever skirt which adds flounce without frills and then on to the slicked back hair and red lips, this is a win, win, win.

The momentum was lost the next morning when Letizia tried for a clever three tone colour way between dress and coat and missed. By a mile.

The colours are rather nice but the way the blocks of them are mixed just doesn't add up. Great shoes, though. Shame they don't match anything on this outfit.

An evening of emeralds followed as Letizia rewore an outfit seen at the Princess of Asturias Awards several years ago and added a knock out pair of royal earrings.

The emerald earrings match the dress to perfection and when you've got that much sparkle going on from the accessories to the skater style skirt, who needs a tiara?

The final day saw Letizia go for another colour combo coat and dress but this time she hit the bullseye. With force. This grey and lilac mix is a match made in fashion heaven.

The shape of the coat and the turned back cuffs adds plenty of texture to this layered look while the muted shades are just perfect. A standout State Visit look.

It's not how you start, it's how you finish and Letizia ended her State Visit to Portugal in so so mood. The trouser jacket combo is nice, it works together, it's just a bit, well, so so.

The collar and buttons are great, the rest is just a bit average really. It's a modern take on the trouser suit we've seen Queen Letizia favour but only just one step above them really. Never mind. we'll always have the emeralds. 

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