Thursday, 23 January 2014

Kate of the 1000 days

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge has been an official royal for 1,000 days.  Just shy of three years into her role as a royal the duchess is flying high with a superstar status that few can come close to.  She has provided an heir, she is the most photographed woman in the world and she's even setting her own royal rules and not ruffling too many feathers in the process.  That's not bad for 1,000 days.

No wonder she's smiling, Kate's 1000 day report is A plus all the way

The next 1,000 will no doubt prove more tricky as the honeymoon period comes to an end and the more mundane side of being a long term royal kick in.  The press will ask more questions and take more photos when she doesn't want them to, there will be more analysis of how many royal duties she does and quite possibly a younger sister in law to compete with in the duchess stakes. But there's no doubt it will still be a success - Kate's role in the royal family is assured now, the first test is over.  

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