Thursday, 16 January 2014

Victoria jumps to it

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has surprised everyone with her first public appearance after hurting her foot while skiiing over the Christmas period. The future queen arrived at the event, in Stockholm, on crutches but when the time came for her to make her way up some small stairs to the stage there was no question of looking for a knight in shining armour to help her.  Victoria hopped on stage.

No wonder the man in the background looks slightly terrified, he's watching his future queen hopping on slippy wooden flooring up a set of stairs

Having survived that epic adventure, the princess then decided to make her own way back to her seat even though the slightly alarmed audience were all eager to help her make the even more precarious descent (wooden floors can be slippy).  Victoria bounded down the stairs on one leg before almost taking a little tumble as she reached her seat. 

Easy does it - Victoria of Sweden shows that injured feet won't stop a determined heiress making her way through the world

Safely settled, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.  The idea of a future king or queen doing anything remotely dangerous used to send courtiers into a tailspin of frenzy.  But Victoria's hop, skip and a jump is nothing compared to recent exploits from Europe's royals.  Crown Prince Haakon has just posted a video of himself bungee jumping on the Norwegian royal family's website while the future king parachuted into his own 40th birthday party last year.  And Crown Princess Mary has been seen abseiling as part of her National Guard training.  But it may be her own brother that Victoria is trying to keep up with most.  Prince Carl Philip is well known for his love of adventure and fast cars in particular.  Given that little bro likes to try out extreme sports, a little bit of a hop with a dodgy foot is a walk in the royal park.

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