Thursday, 2 January 2014

Royal New Year - the speeches

As is traditional, King Harald of Norway and Queen Margrethe of Denmark made their annual festive addresses on New Year's Eve.  And both focused this year on the range of people in their countries who help to make their respective societies stable and warm.  Both monarchs spoke of diversity, of the importance of the way their countries are run and of the importance of all age groups in making society work.

King Harald of Norway prepares to deliver his New Year's message on December 31st 2013

The Norwegian king spoke of the vital role of the older and younger generations in making their country strong.  And he focused on the importance of the country's constitution, underlining the freedoms it gave and guaranteed.  The Danish queen talked of the range of community spirit shown by people of all ages and, like Harald, looked to history to show that the freedoms that so many enjoy today are only guaranteed when society works as one to make sure they are protected.

Margrethe II of Denmark delivering her New Year message on New Year's Eve 2013

In many ways, the speeches were more philosophical than those delivered by their counterparts across Europe over the Christmas holidays.  But they had an element of looking forward that the earlier messages didn't.  And they rounded off the speeches of good will from Europe's crowned heads for this festive season - all with the promise of hope for 2014.

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