Friday, 24 January 2014

Athena the adventurer

It's the week for unusual birthday portraits.  After Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway celebrated her tenth birthday with balloons, now Princess Athena of Denmark is marking her second with a spot of adventure.  In official snaps released by the Danish Royal Household, the littlest princess of Denmark is seen about to tackle some very exciting play opportunities.

All action Athena - the princess of Denmark celebrates turning two by getting into everything

The youngest child of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie is looking more like her mummy every day.  The resemblance really stands out in the birthday photos which also feature Athena about to set off on a great adventure with the help of a favourite red toy.  It looks like this little princess is going to do a lot more than sit in her palace waiting for her handsome prince.

Princess with a purpose - Athena of Denmark looking very busy in photos take to mark her second birthday which she celebrated on January 24th 2014

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