Thursday, 30 January 2014

Birthdays and marriages

The Prince of Asturias is 46 today and the usual media reports for the day have taken on a very different tone this year.  Whereas most birthdays for Felipe have been accompanied by portrait galleries looking back and editorials looking forward, this year just about everything that's going on right now is being looked at. In minute details. With ongoing reports of a marriage crisis in a crisis hit royal household, all eyes this year are on possible problems rather than causes for celebration.

Looking into the future - Felipe tries out Google glass at the recent FITUR tourism exhibition in Madrid.

A brief solo ski-ing trip by the prince was enough to revive rumours that the couple aren't exactly getting on at the moment.  And those whispers are dominating coverage of this king in waiting's big day.  A report in one paper that a spokesperson within the Zarzuela has talked about 'ups and downs' in the royal marriage has been widely re-distributed.

Prince Felipe on his 46th birthday - he spent the morning with the Spanish Paratrooper Brigade

With the whole royal family in the spotlight, and all eyes turning towards Felipe's sister Cristina ahead of her court appearance next week, the speculation will remain just that - speculation.  But it does mean that, after 46 years, from a media point of view the Prince of Asturias is experiencing his most challenging birthday yet.

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