Sunday, 5 January 2014

Prince George hits the January sales

While several international papers report that Prince George might be about to get a little brother or sister, the future king is facing up to a different type of reality as the new year starts.  There's no comment either way from the royals on a growing whisper that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge is about to announce a second pregnancy.  But there is confirmation that there are too many souvenirs of George's birth cluttering up the shelves at the royal gift shops and anyone who's still to buy their memento can now go searching for a cut price deal.  Yes, Prince George has hit the January sales.

Prince George of Cambridge - souvenirs to mark his birth haven't flown off some shelves and now there's a half price sale 

Which means that if there is another Cambridge baby on the way - given that the other big Kate story today is that she's setting up home in Sydney for her Australian tour in April, it seems unlikely - then the royal gift shops will know not to order the tea towels in bulk numbers this time round.  

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