Monday, 6 January 2014

Royal babies of 1914

With rumours and reports across the international press of another pregnancy for Kate, Duchess of Cambridge thoughts turn again to royal babies and all the excitement that comes with them.  We know that we will get at least one royal baby this year with Princess Madeleine of Sweden due to give birth in February 2014 and there will be another great grandchild for Queen Elizabeth II within weeks as Zara Tindall's first child is due before the New Year gets much older.  But as for heirs having heirs, well the field is a bit limited.  There have been whispers in recent times of another pregnancy for Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, possibly because baby Estelle is now approaching her second birthday.  But most of Europe's other heirs seem to have completed their families which means there's a lot of pressure on Kate and William to keep having future senior royals.

Baby on board?  Let's hope she kept the badge she was given in March 2013 because six months after giving birth, there are already rumours that Kate of Cambridge is going to become a mummy again

Kate's is quite possibly the most watched tummy in the world.  Close behind must be Charlene of Monaco who is approaching her third wedding anniversary and Stephanie of Luxembourg who is now a royal bride of a year and a bit with great expectations resting on her shoulders.  But back in 1914, there was very little activity in the royal nurseries of Europe.  Most of the queen consorts of the continent had completed their families while the heirs weren't quite old enough to be having children of their own.  Only Queen Ena of Spain have birth in 1914.  Her youngest child was born on October 24th 1914.  Gonzalo Manuel Maria Bernardo Narciso Alfonso Mauricio arrived just after the start of World War One and was given his last name in honour of an uncle, Maurice of Battenburg, who had just been killed in the conflict.  As the war went on, royal babies stopped arriving.  

The Infante Gonzalo of Spain was born in October 1914.  He was the youngest child of King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenie and died in 1934 of internal bleeding following a car crash in Austria.

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