Monday, 7 April 2014

Kate and Letizia's shared Marilyn Moment

They are two royal fashion icons who often find themselves being compared.  And while the Duchess of Cambridge and the Princess of Asturias chose very different outfits for their appearances on opposite sides of the world today, they both almost ran into trouble with the weather.  A light breeze in Barcelona and a rainy day in Wellington meant both royal ladies almost ran into a Marilyn Moment.

The Duchess of Cambridge realises that her chances of keeping her skirt in place while carrying her son are limited

Kate got caught out by unseasonable weather on her arrival in Wellington.  As she and the Duke walked down the stairs of their plane, the duchess' skirt caught the breeze but as she was carrying Prince George in her arms, her chances of grabbing it before royal blushes were caused were low.  However, the weather was kind and after a brief, worrying moment her new Catherine Walker dress returned to normal service.  It was a repeat skirt that gave Letizia problems.  The princess was walking across a square in Barcelona with husband, Prince Felipe, in a light floral patterned skirt when another uncalled for breeze caught the end of her outfit.

The Princess of Asturias in Barcelona on April 7th 2014

Again, the weather was kind to a queen consort in waiting and the spring outfit fluttered back into place before any blushing could occur.  Both women have had far more famous Marilyn Moments in the past but never one on the same day as one another.  It seems that the fashion paths of Kate and Letizia continue to intertwine.

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