Monday, 28 April 2014

Zoo cute

There are plenty of already world famous memories from the tour of Australia and New Zealand by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge but some have really stuck out.  And nearly all of them involve Prince George.  So it was no surprise that his trip to Taronga Zoo in Sydney with his parents topped the recent poll to find the highlight of the Cambridges' tour.

Prince George meets the bilbies at Taronga Zoo in April 2014

Forty four per cent of votes cast were for the meeting with the bilbies in the enclosure named after George to mark his birth in July 2013.  Next on the highlights list was the prince's first formal engagement with thirty three per cent selecting that as the stand out moment.  

The Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George as she introduces him to royal life 

In third place was the sailing race between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge which Kate won, twice, and which won twenty two per cent of the votes cast.  That little moment of royal friendly rivalry is the only thing that came close to giving George a run for his money on the popularity front.  The little prince is everyone's highlight of the past royal month.

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