Saturday, 1 July 2017

Letizia's State Visit Style Pointers: State Banquets

Queen Letizia of Spain's wardrobe during her upcoming State Visit to the UK is already hotly anticipated and the trip draws ever nearer (July 12th is kick off), interest in this fashion icon's style statements for London is growing. But Leti has given us some pointers herself with previous State Visit outfits - look at them long enough (and why wouldn't you, they're pretty fabulous) and plenty of clues emerge. One of the most hotly anticipated outfits will be the gown worn to the State Banquet at the start of the trip. While we've only had one tiara moment on her four trips so far (protocol and all that), the dresses do have quite a few things in common. Here are some pointers for Queen Letizia's State Banquet style in the UK....

Think dark before you do anything else. Three of the four State Banquet gowns worn by Queen Letizia have been dark and meaningful. Most recently, in Japan, she went for midnight blue in a fairytale princess dress that had previously been seen when she hosted a State Banquet herself during the State Visit of the President of Chile to Madrid in 2015.

The State Banquet during the Portuguese Visit got everyone talking when the Queen of Spain chose not to do the diadem during dinner. The tiara free Letizia went for dramatic black in a fitted gown with lace overlay. There's a lot of lace when it comes to State Banquets for Letizia. And black can't be ruled out for the UK either - when she hosted the President of Argentina and his wife on their State Visit to Spain earlier this year, Letizia chose a fitted black velvet gown.

The State Visit to Paris produced a famous Leti look. The burgundy cocktail dress did all the drama against the creamy backdrop of the Elysee Palace. This was tiara free too but there was enough sparkle on the gown to make up for the lack of jewels.

More sparkle in Mexico in June 2015 with Letizia's most daring State Banquet look. The one shoulder dress is a wow and then some and the brightest of her State Dinner appearances so far. If past appearances are anything to go by, start with dark, add lace and finish with glitter and you might just be heading in the right direction. As for the tiaras....more on that soon, keep checking Letizia's State Visit Style.

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