Thursday, 13 July 2017

When Harry met Harry....

Handsome Harrys are two a penny in London right now. Put a prince and a pop star called Harry together at a premiere of a box office biggie and what do you get? Photo magic, that's what. Here's how, why and when Harry (HRH) met Harry (Mr Styles). There's only one direction to go....

The fifth in line to the throne met one fifth of the original One Direction at the premiere of the film Dunkrik. Harry Styles is making his acting debut in the movie, directed by Christopher Nolan, and while he shares the screen with favourites including Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance and Kenneth Branagh, it was the singer turned screen star that everyone wanted to see with the prince.

The two met in the line up ahead of the movie screening which took place at the Odeon Leicester Square on July 13th 2017. This hook up of Harrys almost seemed more important than the film at one point even if the two namesakes involved looked almost sheepish around each other.

Prince Harry had walked the red carpet with three veterans including 96 year old George who took part in the landings and who is now taking part in a film about the lasting impact of war with other former service personnel.

Prince Harry was very attentive to George and two other veterans, one who served in Afghanistan and another who had seen service in Kosovo as they joined him on the red carpet.

It followed an afternoon dedicated to hearing from  Dunkirk veterans for Harry. He welcomed them to Kensington Palace and sat and chatted with them in depth about their experiences then and afterwards.

This was clearly an important day for Harry who has made supporting former service men and women the mainstay of his royal career since leaving active service himself in the Army. And he has his mother's knack of knowing that a big photo moment will get everyone talking about something he cares about passionately. This afternoon was about veterans even if all eyes were on the moment that Harry met Harry.

Photo credit: Wiki Commons and Invitus Games still.

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