Monday, 3 July 2017

The House of Windsor at 100: the Monarchs

The House of Windsor is about to mark its centenary. On July 17th 1917, George V issued a royal proclamation changing the name of his family and his house from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha due to growing anti German sentiment in World War One. From that moment onwards, the dynasty was known as Windsor. This month, the major milestone of 100 is reached. To mark the occasion, there will be a series of special posts on the blog between now and the anniversary. Some are opinion, others are photos and some, like this one, reflections on the story of a dynasty that began because of public pressure, wobbled considerably and righted itself to produce the longest reign Britain has ever known and a throne enjoying stability almost 1,000 years after the modern monarchy began. We start with a look at its four monarchs - welcome to the centenary of the House of Windsor.

King George V
First King of the House of Winsdor
Reigned May 6th 1910 - January 20th 1936
Born George Frederick Ernest Albert on June 3rd 1865
Married Mary of Teck on July 6th 1893
Succeeded Edward VII on May 6th 1910
Created The House of Windsor by Royal Proclamation on July 17th 1917
Died January 20th 1936

King Edward VIII
Second King of the House of Windsor
Reigned January 20th 1936 - December 11th 1936
Born Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David on June 23rd 1894
Succeeded George V on January 20th 1936
Abdicated on December 11th 1936
Created Duke of Windsor on December 12th 1936
Married Wallis Warfield Simpson on June 3rd 1937
Died May 28th 1972

King George VI
Third King of the House of Windsor
Reigned December 11th 1936 - February 6th 1952
Born Albert Frederick Arthur George on December 14th 1895
Married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon on April 26th 1923
Succeeded Edward VIII on December 11th 1936
Died February 6th 1952

Queen Elizabeth II
Only Queen Regnant (so far) of the House of Windsor
Reigned February 6th 1952 - 
Born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary on April 21st 1926
Married Philip Mountbatten on November 20th 1947
Succeeded George VI on February 6th 1952
Became the longest reigning Monarch in British history on September 9th 2015

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