Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Crown Princess Victoria at 40: the landmark birthdays

Let's take a little bit of time away from the Spanish State Visit to concentrate on the other big royal story this week. On July 14th 2017, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is 40. There are days of celebrations (but no overseas royals taking part, as confirmed by the guest list released yesterday) to mark this milestone. In the run up to the big day, we're taking a look at other major moments in Victoria's life so far (you can catch her baby pictures here). As it's such a landmark birthday, it's only right that other big anniversaries get a look in. So here's a look at the milestone birthdays so far, starting with a very special one indeed....

Now we are three. Three isn't usually a major birthday but this celebration was one for the history books. At birth, Victoria Ingrid Alice Desiree of Sweden had had no succession rights but soon after her arrival, plans were made to change that and to bring the Swedish Monarchy into line with the 20th century. Women wouldn't just get succession rights, the line to the throne would rely on birth order rather than gender. That meant that, as the eldest child of the King of Sweden, once the law came into being, Victoria would be first in line for the throne.

Her third birthday was her first as Crown Princess of Sweden. But to make it even more historic, joining the celebrations was her baby brother, Prince Carl Philip, who had been born heir to the throne in May 1979 but who had dropped to number two in the succession behind his big sister on January 1st 1980 when the law took effect. As you can see from the photos, it's weighing heavily on their minds.
Eighteen is a big birthday for anyone but for the heir to the throne of Sweden, it was huge. Crown Princess Victoria's coming of age ceremony was held in the Hall of State at the Royal Palace of Sweden. Victoria gave a speech in which she promised to be loyal to the King, Parliament and the Constitution. She also thanked her parents for their support and said that her coming of age brought the extra responsibility of sharing more of her father's duties.
It was a major event, with Victoria heading out on to the balcony to greet crowds. Her godmother, Queen Ingrid of Denmark, was there along with her godfather, King Harald V of Norway, and Queen Sonja.  Among her gifts was a tiara from her parents and also the responsibility of being able to step in as Head of State should her father be unable to carry out his duties.  Like the birthday girl said, it was a biggie.

Amidst all this history in the making, there was plenty of time for fun. In the evening, the family attended the celebration concert we know so well as part of Victoria's birthday events. 

The heir to the throne of Sweden celebrated her 30th birthday crowned with flowers as she enjoyed a walkabout with mum and dad on her big day. 
Showered with flowers and gifts, Crown Princess Victoria came into her own as the celebrations continued. Mum and dad looked proud and took a step back. It was another milestone in their daughter's life - they celebrate another landmark on July 14th 2017 when Victoria of Sweden turns 40.

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