Saturday, 22 July 2017

Prince George at four (new photo inside)

He's had a busy week and for pre birthday treats, a bit of a play on a real helicopter takes some beating. Prince George will be spending his special day behind closed doors but as the celebrations get under way for his birthday, Kensington Palace has released a special portrait of the boy who will be king.

George has been photographed by Chris Jackson who has produced some of the best royal images of recent times in his work with Getty Images. He is also married to Natasha Archer, the Duchess of Cambridge's stylist, so chances are he and George are on smiling terms hence the big grin in this birthday portrait.

It's a big hit already with nearly 240,000 likes on the Kensington Palace Instagram account alone while it's been retweeted over 4,000 times in around 12 hours. Royal birthday portraits tend to become instant classics and this image of George is already famous around the world. But then that's only to be expected for a baby whose birth dominated global news for days four years ago. George Alexander Louis of Cambridge is growing up fast but the landmarks in his life continue to make a splash.

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