Friday, 14 July 2017

Kate's night at the museum, the photo album

From glitter to whale skeletons. It's been a strange twenty four hours for the Duchess of Cambridge. After all the sparkle of the State Banquet for the Spanish State Visit on Wednesday, Kate was at the Natural History Museum on Thursday for a spot of official opening. We learned her kids love nature, she is fascinated by life under the water and if she cuts her hair at all the world goes nuts. Here is Kate's night at the museum, in photos.

The Duchess of Cambridge was at the Natural History Musuem to officially open the renovated Hintze Hall, that famous space that welcomes visitors from around the world. Gone is Dippy the Dinosaur and now, in pride of place, is Hope the Blue Whale. Kate went up high to get a proper look at this new, impressive resident of this very famous museum.

Kate also had a chat with that very famous expert, David Attenborough, with the two appearing to get on famously as they discussed the merits of Hope replacing Dippy (who is going on tour) at the Natural History Museum where the duchess is patron. Everyone else seemed fascinated by another new exhibit, Kate's shorter hair.

The Duchess of Cambridge gave a speech in which she said she had always been in awe of the sea and spoke about how she had come ''to care deeply about life under our waters and the conservation of our oceans''. She also let slip during the evening that Prince George and Princess Charlotte love nature. Then it was home to start packing for the big visit to Poland and Germany which starts next week. 

Photo credit: Kensington Royal Twitter.

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