Saturday, 30 May 2015

Royals on social media

The official royal social media accounts were buzzing this week as overseas visits, State Openings and big book events all joined the usual range of royal engagements.  Here's what the royals shared on their official social media this week.

Taking a seat

You can't beat a monarch taking the weight off their feet in an unusual way and that's just what Queen Maxima did this week as she and her husband paid their first State Visit to Canada. They gave the city of Toronto seven Tulpi chairs and the queen gamely sat down in one in the middle of a park and waved like she's never waved before. Classic Maxima, a classic photo - shared on the official Twitter account.

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of the Belgians paid a visit to the studios of VRT, the national public service TV and radio station for the Flemish community in their country. And not long afterwards they shared a photo on Twitter of the king and queen perched on reporters' chairs in the news studio. Philippe looked like he was getting into his role - but it was just a practice, no royals going live here.

The State Opening of Parliament took place in the week and the British Monarchy Twitter account shared a compellingly odd video on Twitter of the moment the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, seated in a ceremonial carriage, left Buckingham Palace to travel to the Palace of Westminster. Yes, it really is thirty seconds of a coach moving slowly from right to left.

Reading out loud

Europe's royals were feeling bookish this week. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway headed off on her annual mission to bring books, reading and literature to a wider audience on the Literature Train. There were lots of photos shared on the official Twitter accounts and Facebook page including this striking image of a real life princess by a miniature house.

The Duchess of Cornwall invited BBC Radio Two to St James' Palace for the final of the 500 Words competition which saw children from around the UK write short stories. Camilla is passionate about literature and a high profile campaigner to improve literacy levels and she was on hand to present gold medals as seen in this message posted on the Clarence House Twitter account.

Queen Sofia of Spain headed to the annual Book Fair in Madrid to overseee its official 2015 launch and lots of images of royal browsing of books were shared on the official Twitter account.

Building bridges

Eurovision 2015 had encouraged us all to start building bridges and it seems that Crown Prince Haakon took it quite literally as he headed to a project run by the fund which bears his name to see young apprentices getting to grips with the task of putting up scaffolding. The Norwegian Royal Household shared two videos of the visit on its official You Tube Channel.

Queen Letizia of Spain undertook her first overseas co-operation visit this week to help cement the bridges that already exist between her country and Honduras and El Salvador. She enjoyed a packed four day agenda with images dominating the Casa Real Twitter and You Tube accounts including this tweet from her visit to Comoyagua in Honduras.

And the Crown Princess of Sweden did what more and more tourists are doing - she headed to the island of Gotland which is a bit too far away from the mainland for a bridge. But the trip did give her the chance to show off a cracker of a white trilby hat and to give us a glimpse of the sun in a rainy and chilly week in most of Europe with images on the official Facebook page to brighten up our day. That's the bridge built to summer - here it comes.

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