Thursday, 15 December 2016

Cousins at Christmas

Estelle, Leonore and Nicolas of Sweden are caught on camera at Christmas
(photo Princess Madeleine Facebook)

Christmas lunch can be hard work for little ones. The adults want to eat and talk, the chocolate appears to have been hidden away and replaced with endless proper food and everyone takes twice as long to get through the main course. Which is why you need cousins to play with. Princess Estelle, Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas of Sweden were caught on camera getting up to all kinds of cute fun by Princess Madeleine as she shared a photo from a festive lunch at the Royal Palace on her Facebook page.

Estelle and Victoria before the Christmas lunch where the royal cousins stole the show
(photo Sverigres Kungahus Instagram)

The snap was taken on December 15th at the Royal Palace, just hours after Estelle and her mum, Crown Princess Victoria, had helped take in the Christmas trees in that favourite Swedish tradition. The three cousins look like they are having a great time, giggling happily as they enjoy each other's company. But then that's what friends are for, especially when the grown ups are making a meal out of lunch.

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