Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Harry and Sophie Show

Prince Harry at the ICAP charity day also attended by the Countess of Wessex
(photo Kensington Palace Instagram)

Take a prince fresh from a highly successful tour who also happens to have made headlines by going to visit his new girlfriend on his way home and a countess who has built up a formidable reputation for charity work, put them together and what do you get? The Harry and Sophie show.


Prince Henry of Wales was a guest at the annual ICAP charity day along with his aunt by marriage, the Countess of Wessex. That's the formalities over with. This day was all about charity and funny faces.

The annual event sees big name guests taking part in a fun filled day that includes a little bit of phone trading. And there's no point doing that with your head down and your best fixed grin. If you're going to make an impact and some serious dosh then you need to be able to waggle eyebrows, flip between joy and concern and generally do the whole wide mouthed and giggling without even thinking about it. This year, the royals sent the A team.

Harry raised the bar with some pointing, goading and double phone action, one handset clamped to each ear with eyebrows raised.

Sophie was ready for him. She did big laughs, she did really worried, she did intense and serious as she closed the deal and she juggled two phones with ease. Harry has competition.

There was also the not to be laughed at challenge of a game of Operation. As Sophie and Harry's visits to the day long event didn't overlap, this was a long distance challenge rather than a head to head. The Countess of Wessex clearly meant business.

There was a serious message behind all the fun. Both royals were there to support their charities with Harry giving his backing to Sentebale, the organisation he helped to set up to support vulnerable orphans and children, some of whom are affected by HIV/ AIDS. Sophie was there for Shooting Star Chase, the hospice charity.

The ICAP charity day has counted on royal visitors for many years but in 2016 it really made an impact - thanks, in part, to the Harry and Sophie Show.

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