Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Princess Anne takes the Royal Wardrobe poll

It's not a sentence you get to read all that often but Princess Anne is the winner of this week's Royal Wardrobe poll. The princess who was on the cover of Vogue years before the Duchess of Cambridge was even born topped the survey to find the best look of the week. And when you turn up to the celebrations for Team GB's Rio Olympic success in a sparkling green dress like this, who's still looking surprised?

Anne wore the gown to the celebration ball for Britain's Rio stars and it got plenty of spotlight as the princess took to the stage to make a speech.

During her time in Rio supporting Britain's athletes, Anne kept it sensible with the Team GB navy blue suit. But when you're celebrating a Rio gold haul and a whole room of Olympic dreams, it's time to crack out the sequins. Anne did and the result is an easy win.

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