Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Palaces in the Snow: Amalienborg

Frederick VIII's Palace at Amalienborg dressed in its winter best
(photo rosenborg_amalienborg Instagram)

What could be better than one royal palace, decked in snow? How about four all dusted in flakes. The Amalienborg in Copenhagen is made up of a quartet of identical palaces set around a sqaure and one of the best known royal statues in Europe.  It's a picture perfect setting at the best of times but in the snow, it takes on a fairytale quality all of its own.

The Amalienborg Palace is set around Palace Square with its famous statue of King Frederik V taking centre stage. The four identical buildings that make it up are King Frederick VIII's Palace, King Christian VII's Palace, King Christian VIII's Palace and King Christian IX's Palace. 

It's the home of the Danish Royal Family who bought the complex in 1794 when the Christiansborg Palace was damaged by fire. Now Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik live in Christian IX's Palace while Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and their family reside at Frederik VIII's Palace. The other two buildings are used for guests and visiting members of the Danish Royal Family.

Christian VIII's Palace also houses the Amalienborg Museum, filled with pieces from Danish royal life from the last century and a half while the daily Changing of the Guard is a big tourist draw. Amalienborg is filled with history and about as pretty as a palace gets. In the snow, it is a sparkling fairytale.

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