The Royal 2016: Heads Together

Heads Together for William, Kate and Harry 
(photo Kensington Palace video still)

William, Kate and Harry surprised us all by launching a new initiative as spring well and truly got under way. As the London Marathon made its way through the capital's streets, the royal trio announced their project, Heads Together. The umbrella for several charities, the initiative aims to change attitudes towards mental health issues. Since its launch in April 2016, the trio have taken part in many high profile events linked to it making it one of the royal stories of the year. Here's how Heads Together began.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry launch the Heads Together Initiative focused on mental health

As everyone was thinking feet as the London Marathon got under way this morning, William, Kate and Harry asked us all to turn to heads. They launched a new initiative focused on ending the stigma around mental health by asking us all to put our heads together.  And they got everyone's attention straight away by starting the campaign with a photo that will take some time to forget - three royals in bright blue headbands.  There was a reason that the campaign was launched today - next year, the London Marathon charity will be Heads Together and as the runners lined up for the start this year, the royals wanted to throw the spotlight on that and on all the people taking part in the race this year for the organisations that Heads Together will bring together.

The initiative is a grouping of some of the mental health charities and organisations that William, Kate and Harry have been working with over the past few years. It involves MIND, Place 2 Be, Help for Heroes, Combat Stress, Best Beginnings, Calm (Campaign Against Living Miserably, The Mix (which used to be YouthNet) and Young Minds UK. Heads Together aims to get rid of stigma and change the way we talk about mental health. The Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry is also involve din the initiative.

Heads Together will have a high profile in the next twelve months as it aims to tackle this important area and it's also encouraging people inspired by the London Marathon this year to sign up to run in 2017 for it. Prince Harry was at the big event today to hand out medals and cheer on runners.

And no doubt next year we'll see all three royals at the start and finish lines as their marathon campaign to change the attitude towards mental health takes another big step forward, They put a smile on our faces today with a great royal photo while encouraging everyone to put their heads together and change the way we think about mental health.

You can read more about Heads Together here.


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