Sunday, 4 December 2016

Palaces in the Snow - Rosenborg

Rosenborg Castle in Copenhan, stark and imposing against the winter snow
(photo By Leif Jørgensen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

Roseborg Castle has plenty of royal history and carries an air of regal menace that is only slightly softened when the snow falls. Decked in flakes, it still looks as if its only place in a fairytale is as the home of a villain. It has majesty and mystery and covered in snow, it's a winter wonder.

by Guillaume Baviere, via Flickr

Rosenborg was built on the orders of Christian IV who ruled Denmark from 1588 until 1648, the longest reigning king his country has known.  Remembered for his energy and ambition, Rosenborg was one of many architectural projects begun in his reign. This was Christians' summerhouse, started in 1606 and ended in 1624, but in the snow its strong lines and sharp features take on an even more pronounced look.

by Guillaume Baviere, via Flickr

It was used as a royal residence until 1710 with royal receptions and banquets taking place in its rooms. The Danish Royal Court decamped there in 1794 when fire broke out at the Christiansborg Palace but by 1838 it was a public building, its doors thrown open for tours and exhibitions.

By Henrik Sorenson via Flickr

That remains its role today with visitors able to see the Danish Crown Jewels there as well as items from the Royal Collection. This royal residence now belongs to Denmark but its history as a regal home is just as dominant as its turrets and walls which lose none of their dominance, even decked in snow.

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