Monday, 5 December 2016

The Royal 2016: Maxima takes Paris

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands on day two of the State Visit to France

It's the city of light, the city of style, the city of chic and on her visit to Paris in March this year, Queen Maxima wowed with her wardrobe. From morning to night over two days, the Dutch consort was queen of royal fashion. As the nights get longer and the year grows shorter, here's a look back at what Maxima wore in the City of Light.

It all began with a trouser suit at the airport on the eve of the visit. The King and Queen of the Netherlands touched down in Paris and Maxima walked on to French soil in a golden brown jacket and trousers with a pale beige coat over her shoulders - it is only just spring after all. It looked chic and crisp and if it's not the most stand out outfit we've seen from the Dutch queen in recent times, that didn't matter, because Day One proper was going to provide a fashion hit and then some.

Maxima chose a dress by Claes Iversen that is already a royal classic. It was golden beige, had lace panels, geometric panelling and huge pockets. On paper it shouldn't work. In reality, it was a dream of a dress come true.

There was a huge hat by Fabienne Delvigne in a darker beige which matched her gloves to perfection. The soft shade of the dress was complemented by pale pink earrings and there was a pair of suede shoes to finish the look off. This is a total hit all over.

There was the small matter of a State Banquet to enjoy as well and while there were no tiaras, there was plenty of glitter as Maxima went for gold for her night out at the Elysee Palace. 

Her knee length dress by Natan was sprinkled with gold sequins and Maxima still managed to sneak in a few royal jewels, adding some of the Borneo collection given to Queen Wilhelmina to her outfit.

Day two saw Maxima in the pink as she chose a pastel dress with beige accessories and a brown hat.

The best part of this outfit, for me, was the coat. The pink/ purple/ beige print had a fabulous feel of spring about it and just looked great.

There was more mauve in the evening as Maxima and Willem-Alexander hosted an evening of music at the Petit Palais for their host, President Francois Hollande.

Maxima's evening gown was a tale of two halves - in the head and shoulders images we have a classic black velvet neckline and a stunning updo.

The full length photos show a stand out pattern with a slit at the back of the skirt which takes this into the realms of ultra glitz.

Overall, Paris was a fashion hit for Maxima with four great looks and a standout image from day one that is already in the top ten of the year's best outfits. What Maxima wore in the City of Light was style, was chic, was a win all the way.

And there is a special page about the two State Visits that took place in March here.

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