Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Royal Christmas Trees - Sweden

Two queens in waiting help bring in the Christmas trees at the Royal Palace, Stockholm

It's already a special moment in every royal Christmas season and just when we thought it couldn't get any more festive, Victoria and Estelle of Sweden proved us wrong. The Crown Princess and the second in line to the throne brought in the Christmas trees at the Royal Palace in Stockholm dressed in green and red. That's the way to do Christmas.

Every year, the Swedish Royal Family go to the East Gate of their palace to receive a gift of fir trees from students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Now known as King Spruce in honour of the tradition, this particular tree has decked the halls at the palace since the 1960s.


Every year, we get a different royal reception - Estelle last did the honours in 2014, giving ground to new auntie, Sofia, last year as that princess joined new husband, Carl Philip, for the traditional ceremony. Estelle was back in full Christmas tree mode this year, inspecting the branches and teasing her mum. There might not be any baubles on these trees yet but the Swedish royal Christmas is well under way.

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