Palaces in the Snow: Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace in the snow
(photo By Oxyman - Own work, CC BY 2.5, Link)

It might never really snow at Christmas but nothing conjures up images of the festive season more than a few flakes. In the countdown to Christmas, every day we'll be looking at a palace, castle or stately home with royal links dressed in the festive fineness that is a covering of snow. We start, on December 1st, with Buckingham Palace.

A royal residence since 1761 and the official home of the Monarch since 1837, Buckingham Palace has seen its fair share of snowy winters and even white Christmases.

Bought in 1761 by George III for his queen, Charlotte, as a family home close to the formal setting for many court events at St James' Palace, it became the official home of Queen Victoria when she took the throne in 1837 and ever since then, monarchs have based themselves behind its famous front - the whole building was transformed under the rule of George and Charlotte's son, George IV.

This year, its 775 rooms have played host to some of the biggest royal events in the calendar including a State Visit by the President of Columbia. It also opened its doors to visitors and hit the headlines when a restoration programme costing £369 million was announced.

It is one of London's most iconic sights, one of the most famous views in the world. It's about as well known as a royal residence gets - the beauty of Buckingham Palace, in the snow.

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