Monday, 19 December 2016

Happy Christmas from Estelle and Oscar

A happy family looking forward to a happy Christmas

Mum and dad might have helped organise it, but Estelle and Oscar stole the show. The Crown Princess of Sweden and her family shared a special festive message today but it was their daughter and son who took starring roles. From Estelle's enthusiasm to Oscar's giggling, this Christmas message was all about the littlest princess and prince at the Haga Palace.

This year's Christmas message from Victoria, Daniel and their children was more of a winter walk than an out and out festive feast. This royal family was filmed enjoying a walk in the woods with Estelle balancing on logs and Oscar taking it all as he's walked around by his mum. There's a Happy Christmas around the camp fire with Estelle shouting loudest and Oscar laughing - quite possibly at the rest of his family - once they've finished. It's the very image of a happy family looking forward to a happy Christmas. And what could be more festive than that.

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