Monday, 2 January 2017

A golden gala to start Denmark's royal new year

The Queen of Denmark at the New Year Gala in Copenhagen
January 1st 2017
(photo TV still)

The royal year is always guaranteed to get off to a sparkling start thanks to the ruling house of Denmark. Queen Margrethe and her family treat us to diamonds and dress uniform as every new year gets under way as they attend the traditional receptions that mark the start of another twelve months. And this year just about everything that glittered there was gold.

There are several receptions every January but the first, the most glittering, the sparkliest and the most highly anticipated is the one held for the government and senior officials on January 1st. As they do every year, the Danish Royal Family swept by car up to the steps of Christian VII's Palace at Amalienborg to dazzle us all with their New Year best

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were the first to arrive at the palace where there were plenty of people, and quite a lot of photographers, waiting for the first big royal event of 2017.

Prince Joachim was in gala uniform, Princess Marie was in burnished bronze and the floral tiara she first wore as a royal bride back in 2008 and which she usually goes to for her gala appearances.

Next out of the vintage cars was Crown Prince Frederik who won best hat of the night with a set of feathers anyone would be proud of. But it was Crown Princess Mary who had this one in the bag. Setting a royal challenge that may well take most of 2017 to beat, the future queen consort of Denmark wowed in gold and rubies.  

Mary was about as regal as you can get as she began the royal 2017 got under way in a golden gown with flared skirt which was only marginally dampened down by the almost red cape she chose.  There were no jewel surprises from Mary as she stuck to her favourite ruby and diamond tiara but when those gems make a glittering outfit about as regal as it gets, why wouldn't you?

The Queen of Denmark arrived last of all, wearing palest blue and claret with pearls, diamonds and rubies and just a hint of gold. When the event is this glittering, wearing a favourite tiara is always going to please and Margrethe II went for her pearl poire diadem which has appeared at many a New Year Gala. It was all beyond magnificent and very Margrethe.

The New Year galas are an ancient tradition. The Danish Royal Household admits, on its official, website, that the exact origins are unknown but that by the middle of the 1600s court documents were referring to the gala as an old custom. Christian V's inauguration of the Order of the Elephant (still worn by the royals at this gala today) in 1693 led to the establishment of order days when banquets were held for the knights who formed it. One of those days was January 1st. In 2017, the New Year Gala has become a glittering start to Europe's royal year, setting the tone with sparkle and splendour. This year was no exception. In fact, it was golden.

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