Thursday, 26 January 2017

State Dinner Sparklers: Denmark's royals at Iceland banquet

 All that glitters really is gold here - Margrethe of Denmark in her tiara from Greenland
(photo kongehus Facebook video still)

It's not even the end of January yet and the Danish Royal Family have spoiled us with tiaras. After all the excitement of the New Year galas (admit it, you were excited), they've only gone and packed in a State Banquet as well. Four royal women, four royal tiaras, plenty more glitter and quite a lot of gold. Here are your State Dinner sparklers for January.

Queen Margrethe went modern on us for the first State Dinner tiara of 2017, wearing the tiara of golden flowers presented to her in 2012 by the people of Greenland to mark her 40th anniversary as queen.

There are diamonds in them there flowers but you'll have to look hard as the gold pretty much dominates this diadem and why not? When just about every other tiara in Europe is diamond heavy, a little bit of something different goes a long way. This tiara was made from melted down coins which had been struck in Greenland and it takes its name, Naasut, from that country's word for flowers. 

Crown Princess Mary brought out her new tiara - yep, the one that got everyone talking when it was debuted last year. It's mostly diamonds with a few rubies thrown in for good measure and it can also double as a necklace. Mary is nothing if not practical.

It has a very Edwardian look about it which isn't surprising as it was made in the reign of Edward VII and consists of delicate diamond scrolls  with small rubies at their bases. They rise on each side to a central scroll topped with a dazzler of a diamond.  Plenty of sparkle here even if the rubies do struggle to be seen against all those diamonds.

No prizes for guessing which tiara Princess Marie brought out of the jewellery box. Yes, the Floral Tiara which has been her faithful friend since her marriage in 2008 was glittering away again at this gala dinner. Since Marie wore the tiara on her wedding day, it's been her go to glitter. It's a pretty design of large flowers, made of diamonds, sitting on a neat row of smaller sparklers which all comes together in a rather delicate diadem.

Princess Benedikte chose the star route for her debut diadem of 2017. This diamond and pearl tiara, seen in an archive photo, began its royal career in the jewel box of Queen Sophia of Sweden and made its way to Denmark via Benedikte's mother, Ingrid. It consists of large diamond stars interspersed with diamond points topped with very impressive pearls. It's really very regal indeed and might just have put Benedikte ahead in the diamond stakes as State Dinner Sparklets gets into full swing for 2017.

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