Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Kate and Meghan Show

Kate and Meghan are now on Christmas card terms
(photos via Crown in Canada Twitter and Wiki Commons)

If the bookies are to be believed, they could well be ending the year enjoying a hat off outside St Mary's at Sandringham as a pair of royal sisters in law. So it was high time that they shared a cuppa and got down to the serious business of getting to know one another. According to an exclusive report in The Sun newspaper that's just what has happened. The Duchess of Cambridge has met Prince Harry's girlfriend, Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry is said to have introduced his girlfriend to his sister-in-law after he and Meghan returned to London after a romantic holiday in Norway watching the Northern Lights. Princess Charlotte was also there but probably not quite as engaged in the conversation as Kate who is said to have been looking forward to meeting her brother-in-law's girlfriend ahead of their encounter.

We don't know what the two of them thought of one another but this much anticipated meeting has only added fuel to the fire of engagement speculation with bookies slashing odds on a royal photocall featuring knockout diamond ring before the end of the year. There wasn't even a hint of a cryptic photo on Meghan Markle's Instagram account where she's added teasing snaps when other headlines about her royal romance have made waves - she's not posted, in fact, for over a month now.

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So this meeting and its results will stay firmly behind closed doors for now. But the fact that Harry has taken his girlfriend to meet Kate, after Meghan had already met Prince William, is being seen as another sign of the serious nature of the relationship. Hats at the ready, the Kate and Meghan Show could be an ongoing production.

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