Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Kate's whitewash

Kate in the dress that topped this week's Royal Wardrobe poll
(photo Kensington Royal Twitter)

In the end it was no competition. But then given the line up in this week's Royal Wardrobe, that's perhaps not a surprise. In a field of odd choices and bizarre combinations, one dress stood out as being a bit more of what we're used to and unsurprisingly, it topped the poll. In fact, it got all the votes. Kate is starting 2017 with a whitewash.

The love came for the black floral print dress worn for the Heads Together event held in London on January 17th where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry laid out the ambitions of the campaign for the coming months, ahead of the London Marathon which will have Heads Together as its official charity this year.

The dress, worn with burgundy accessories, was a big hit, winning Kate plenty of praise in the fashion and style columns immediately afterwards and all the votes in this week's poll. It also means Kate is taking a slim lead in the overall Royal Wardrobe of the year (see the special page here). But as we're only three and a bit weeks in, that's not really anything to get excited about. In an odd week of tartan, layers and sets of sleeves, Kate's chic and simple won the day.

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