A king and all his sisters

Princess Birgitta with her brother and sisters on her 80th birthday
(photo Jonas Borg/ kungahuset.se)

He was the baby brother that arrived in their royal home after 12 years of girls only rule and on a big day in his family's life, Carl XVI Gustaf took second place to one of the sisters that had such a big impact on his life. As the second eldest of the Haga princesses, Birgitta, celebrated her 80th birthday, the King of Sweden posed alongside her and his three other sisters for a special photo.

Birgitta Ingeborg Alice was born on January 19th 1937 at the Haga Palace. As she celebrated eight decades, she returned to Stockholm where King Carl XVI Gustaf held a special party for her at the Drottningholm Palace which is now his home.  It was a private party but with a public face. Although Birgitta and her sisters are a big part of the many family events that have been celebrated by the Swedish Royal Household in recent years, we don't usually get group photos of them with their brother. This image is a reminder of the link between them all, a royal family that was, which held together in difficult times and which now celebrates a birthday, special for many reasons.


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