Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Harry maps out the future

Prince Harry has left no one in any doubt about what the coming year holds for him. In the course of a few hours he laid out his priorities as far ahead as 2017. And as you might expect, causes close to his heart are at the top of this royal to do list.

Prince Harry made a big announcement today, all about the future
(photo Invictus Games screengrab)

Firstly, there was the Invictus Games. The sporting event set up by Prince Harry was such a huge success when it took place in London in September 2014 that a second games is taking place in Florida in May this year. And today, with 50 days to go until that event launches, Harry announced that 2017 will see a third competition with Toronto playing host then.

In a specially recorded video message, Harry reminded everyone that 2017 will see several big military anniversaries in Canada and added that holding games which celebrate the contribution of military forces to modern society was a fitting way to mark that. And he announced he's heading to Canada in May for the official launch of Invictus 2017.

But he also reminded us that there is a lot to look forward to between then and now and urged everyone to get behind the teams taking part in the Florida Games, focusing on the huge amount of work they have been putting in to be ready for the event.

Harry also had another trip on his mind today as he hosted the charity, MapAction, at Kensington Palace to hear more about the work they have done to help communities hit by the earthquake last year in Nepal. The prince's trip to the country gets under way this Saturday, March 19th, and lasts until March 23rd.

MapAction helps co-ordinate relief in the aftermath of disasters and was heavily involved in helping rescue efforts following last April's quake which left over 8,000 people dead. Prince Harry said that he hoped his visit to Nepal would ''shine a spotlight back onto the issue and people will realise there is still a hell of a lot that needs to be done.''

Harry's four day visit will see him meet some of those affected by the earthquake and learn how Nepal has been recovering from the disaster which left hundreds of thousands of lives devastated. Harry will also spend time with the Gurkhas, meet the country's Prime Minister and President, go trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas and visit a National Park which is home to the largest tiger conservation area in Asia.

And on his return, he will continue preparations for this year's Invictus Games while looking even further ahead to the 2017 event. Harry continues to map out his future.

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