Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mathilde's Medical Mission

Queen Mathilde of the Belgians has paid a visit to a military hospital named in honour of one of her best known, and best loved, predecessors as queen consort. She spent several hours at the Queen Astrid Military Hospital which not only cares for service personnel but provides specialist treatment and support to people who need important services.

Queen Mathilde during her visit to the Queen Astrid Military Hospital on March 1st 2016

Mathilde was given a tour of the hospital which, in the first instance, provides medical support to Belgian military operations on the ground and also looks after military personnel back home as well as assessing the fitness of groups including pilots and divers.

But the Queen Astrid Hospital also opens its doors to non military as well to offer treatment in a well known burns unit as well as looking after those who need hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It also provides assistance at times of national emergency.

Mathilde met some of those being looked after by the hospital right now including a young patient who presented her with a painting. She chatted to staff and personnel and was given a tour of some of its high tech equipment.

In 2013, Mathilde's parents in law visited the hospital. King Albert II, son of Queen Astrid, also took part in a working meeting during his time there and both he and Queen Paola met some of the hospital's patients. And now Mathilde has made sure that a third generation of Belgian queens is represented at the hospital as she spent time learning about its wide range of work.

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