Monday, 28 March 2016

Princess Mary on women's rights

It's not your typical weekend read about royals but then the subject is well aware of that. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has just given an interview to one of her country's media outlets about women's rights and it gets right to the heart of the matter.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has given an interview about women's rights
(photo UN Geneva via Flickr)

Mary was chatting to Berlingske about issues affecting women and girls around the world ahead of a major summit on women's rights being held in Denmark. Mary will play a big part in that and has already shown her support attending preliminary events but this interview was a window on what the princess believes and her ideas for the future.

Crown Princess Mary doesn't hold back in expressing her opinions. She calls violence against women 'perhaps the greatest crime against human rights today' and when challenged on this view by journalist,Ole Damkjaer, she says that because it happens in all walks of life, against many different women and in many different ways it is the most widespread violation of human rights in the world.

Crown Princess Mary looked ahead to the conference on gender equality last year

The piece is accompanied by new photos which no doubt brought many people to the article but its the contents that really catch the attention. Mary talks movingly about the visits she has made to refugee camps and the women she has met there, saying she can 'be a voice' for some of them. She also discusses problems faced by women and girls closer to home and talks about making sure all women in Denmark have equal rights, raising the work her Mary Foundation does in this area. 

Mary at a meeting of her Mary Foundation

There are insights about how her support helps three different organisaiton with the Danish Refugee Council, the Maternity Foundation and the UN Population Fund all telling Berlingske about the help they get from Mary. The Crown Princess of Denmark says she is thorough and wants to have a broad, deep knowledge of the work she is doing and the groups she is supporting. 

Crown Princess Mary, patron of the Maternity Foundation, was present when the organisation received the French Embassy's Human Rights Prize for 2015
(photo Maternity Foundation press)

Mary says she knows that in her role she can't say everything she thinks but says this isn't a limitation, it just makes her think of different ways of doing things. Andshe adds ''when we talk about opening doors, I am a big believer in working together....I might pave the way and ...others...can take the more sensitive issues.''

Crown Princess Mary hears about women's issues during a visit she made to Ethiopia in 2015
(photo UNICEF Ethiopia via Flickr)

We'll hear more from Mary about women's rights in the weeks and months to come as Copenhagen gets ready to welcome over 5,000 delegates for May's conference. But this interview has given an insight into her beliefs and showed just why this topic is so important to her.

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