Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Royal Week in photos

It's been a big royal week and there have been some big royal photos.  Some of them mark huge stories, other show moments of magic caught forever on camera. Here's the royal week, just gone, in 5 special pictures.

Did we mention the royal baby? The arrival of Prince Oscar Carl Olof of Sweden made headlines around the world and amidst all the joy and celebrations, one smile was bigger than any other. Proud dad, Prince Daniel, met the media just hours after meeting his son for the first time and his smile said it all. Proud and then some, he celebrated his wife's strength and rejoiced in the safe arrival of a healthy child and the joy his daughter would get from having a brother. A happy chapter in the brand new story of Oscar of Sweden.
(photo Instagram)

It's a signature we've seen many times before but there was something rather striking about seeing it in the visitor book of the Lister School in Plaistow, east London which has helped many children fulfil their potential. This image of Elizabeth R still being underlined by the royal hand which writes it is one for the history books.

The week wouldn't be complete without a royal playing some kind of sport and during his visit to Qatar, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark did the honours and tried a (very genteel) spot of football to keep us all happy. 

The Princess Royal took part in celebrations to mark the centenary of RAF 47 Squadron in the week and starred in a striking image during the event. It was shared by the British Monarchy Twitter account.

The photo of the week and one of the royal photos of the year - the first appearance, albeit just about totally hidden from view, of Prince Oscar is an image to remember. The little royal, whose name was still known only to his family, debuted in a photo taken at the Karolinska Hospital in Solna where he was born just hours after his arrival. His parents look proud, his sister looks like she might just want a little cuddle with him and he is well tucked up and sleeping soundly. Happy endings all round. A perfect royal week.

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