Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Duchess Debut: Kate flies solo overseas

The Duchess of Cambridge with King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands at the start of her first solo overseas visit on October 11th 2016
(photo Kensington Palace Twitter)

If she looked a little anxious, who could blame her. The Duchess of Cambridge is making her first overseas solo visit today and the nerves seemed close to the surface as Kate stepped out of her car and into the spotlight for lunch with the King of the Netherlands. As Willem-Alexander welcomed her to Villa Eikenhorst, the photos began to tell the story of the duchess' debut on solo engagements abroad.

Kate arrived in The Hague in the late morning for a day of visits that mark a new chapter in her royal career. She took a British Airways flight to the Netherlands and whizzed straight to lunch with the King of the Netherlands.

Willem-Alexander and Kate have met before so she had a friendly face to greet her as she began this new adventure. They posed for photos before lunch and that's where the nerves started to show.

The shoulders were slightly up, the smile was slightly less sure, the bag was being held ever so slightly more tightly.No one feels totally comfortable trying something new and when you've got people watching every move, the nerves are only heightened.

But Kate should be in her comfort zone with the day's engagements. She's off to the Maurithuis art gallery to see an exhibition of work from the golden age of Dutch art from the Royal Collection. Then there is a seminar on mental health issues before the day ends in Rotterdam at a project helping young people learn creative skills. Kate can breathe a sigh of relief, her duchess debut flying solo overseas is under way.

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