Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Queen and her newest knight

The Queen with Sir Rod and Lady Stewart just hours after he received his knighthood at Buckingham Palace
(photo The Royal Family Twitter)

The Queen attended an evening of celebrations linked to her 90th birthday tonight but while the event was billed as all about arts, it w as a knight in polka dot tie who got everyone talking. Elizabeth II was all smiles as she bumped into Sir Roderick Stewart just hours after he'd been knighted at Buckingham Palace by the Duke of Cambridge. 

The meeting with her newest knight came as the Queen visited the Royal Academy to recognise the contribution of five people deemed to have made an outstanding contribution on a national level as educators or practitioners in the field of arts or visual arts.

The Queen is patron of the Royal Academy and this event was part of her 90th birthday celebrations. She was presented with a bronze model of a 900 year old oak tree from Windsor Great Park. The award winners were given a bronze acorn from the tree.

The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, also met members of the Royal Academy, including another recent knight, Sir Lenny Henry, while other famous faces included David Walliams and Annie Lennox. But the most interest came in her meeting with Sir Rod Stewart with the Queen asking how her grandson, second in line to the throne Prince William, had performed his duties. And Sir Rod was pleased to report that the duke had worn it well - just as this newest knight was doing as he made his way to a meeting with his Queen.

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