Thursday, 27 October 2016

Maxima of the Mists

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands in the mists of October
(photo koninklijkhuis Twitter)

October is the month of mists and as Maxima made a visit to the eastern Netherlands, she became a very autumnal queen. Surrounded by swirling mists, she and King Willem-Alexander made a regional visit to Almelo and Northeast Twente. The theme was using the past to build the future and the weather gave the whole trip feel of times gone.

The royal couple began the day in Almelo where, after an official welcome and a bit of a walkabout, they heard more about how the buildings of the town's textile industry are being used now for homes and businesses.

They visited the Hagendoorn School where they met families and local entrepreneurs to hear about work in the area to build social cohesion before moving on to the Heracles football stadium for a visit underlining how different groups in the region are offering opportunities to those who need to gain more experience or skills to be able to improve their job prospects.


The mists swirled in again on Maxima as the King and Queen of the Netherlands made their way to Springendal to hear about a scheme using the area's spring water in the laundry industry. The water is then treated and returned to nature. There was also a chance to visit care farms in Dinkelland which offer homes and facilities for people with disabilities.

The final part of the regional visit saw Willem-Alexander and Maxima head to De Lutte for an engagement focused on the equestrian industry and its role in the finances of the region. They ended their day in Oldenzaal where they took part in a discussion with leaders from all the areas they had visited about the future of the region. And then it was back into the mists for Maxima as autumn made a royal appearance.

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