Sunday, 23 October 2016

Felipe and Letizia, picture perfect in Asturias

The King and Queen of Spain get ready for their close up in Los Oscos
(photo casareal Twitter)

Felipe and Letizia are used to posing for photos but on a visit to an award winning community in Asturias on their three day visit there, the King and Queen of Spain encountered a whole new picture opportunity. But it didn't phase this pair of royals and the result was picture perfect.

This unusual royal portrait was taken at the end of the royal couple's visit to the community of Los Oscos which this year won the Princess of Asturias Award for outstanding town or area. This prize is given out annually to a community within the Principality of Asturias which has excelled in looking after its environment, culture and history. Los Oscos, made up of several small villages, was rewarded in 2016 for the way it had protected the natural world around it and combined modernity with tradition. The photo frame that the King and Queen of Spain posed behind showcased how Los Oscos has achieved that, using its past to bring tourists and future business to the area.

Felipe and Letizia traditionally end their three days in Asturias for these annual awards by touring the area that has won the newest prize in the awards schedule - the exemplary town category was brought on board in 1990, about a decade after the scheme itself began.  This year they got a chance to see much of the local culture and trade of Los Oscos including cloth making which is now also playing a big part in bringing visitors to the area.

The King and Queen of Spain spent time in the three localities which make up this community  - San Martin de Oscos, Santa Eulalia de Oscos and Villanueva de Oscos. They visited a local church and heard traditional Asturian music as part of this visit.

The King and Queen of Spain always seem to enjoy their visit to this part of the world and with good reasons. For much of his royal life, as heir to the throne, Felipe was known as Prince of Asturias and during the big awards ceremony on day two of the trip he accidentally referred to the prizes by that name. Letizia was born in Oviedo, the heart of Asturias and showed clear affection for the place of her birth. 
This trip also marks a moment in their royal year. For much of 2016, this couple have kept a low profile as political negotiations to form a new administration in Spain continue. With the news that the Partido Popular will be forming a minority government, that low profile can come to an end. Felipe and Letizia waved goodbye to Asturias for another year in the knowledge that a new phase in their own royal lives is about to begin.

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