Saturday, 1 October 2016

Royal Visit Canada, day seven: paddling towards the end

All at sea - the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving in Haida Gwaii on day seven of their tour
(photo Crown in Canada Twitter)

On the penultimate day of their Royal Tour of Canada, Kate and William got paddling. The royal couple arrived in Haida Gwaii by boat and pulling their weight. It started off a day of heritage and health talk as Royal Visit Canada moves towards its end.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge came into view on day seven of their latest tour through the morning mists. Their destination was Haida Gwaii, a series of islands off the coast of mainland British Columbia. The most popular method of travel for this journey is the ferry. Kate and William made their final approach in the more traditional method of canoe.

They joined others in paddling the canoe to shore and once landed, they were given a traditional welcome before heading into the Haida Heritage Centre to learn more about the history of the islands which were known for some years as the Charlottes.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge watched cultural displays and dancing and met many of the Haida community who had come to see them.

The Duke of Cambridge gave a speech in which he said that 'the historic link between the Crown and the First Nations is strong and is one that I hold dear to my heart'.

There was also an opportunity to see traditional totem poles being made in Haida Gwaii and to meet the people who help make them.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Haida Gwaii Hospital
(photo Crown in Canada Twitter)
The second engagement of the day was all about the present and the future as William and Kate visited Haida Gwaii Hospital and Health Centre. Part of their visit included a tour of the new facilities which allows local mums to have their babies on the island.

As it's a royal tour there was a plaque to unveil as well as a chance to chat to some of those who have been able to use the hospital.

Then it was time for the royals to go fishing. The day ended as it had begun, on the water, as William and Kate hopped on board a bot to hear about the fishing trade and its importance to the area.

William and Kate said they wanted to meet as many people as possible on this tour and this last part of day seven gave them the chance to talk to young people using the Skidegate Youth Centre.

Royal Visit Canada ends on October 1st with more engagements in Victoria before a final farewell from William, Kate, George and Charlotte. The last chapter of this first Cambridge family of four tour is about to be written.

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