Sunday, 2 October 2016

Royal Visit Canada, day eight: the last engagements

The Duchess of Cambridge in Victoria on the last day of Royal Visit Canada
(photo Crown in Canada Twitter)

As Royal Visit Canada comes to an end, William and Kate have reminded everyone that some things are the same wherever you go. Their final engagements of this tour included work focused on mental health issues, underlining their commitment to the subject which has been a priority for them now for some time.

Day eight began at the Cridge Centre in Victoria which helps many people overcome adversity. One of the first jobs of the day was to unveil a statue dedicated to those who have worked through problems and the people who have helped them.

After a walkabout there was a chance to meet some of those it supports including families, children, woman and the elderly. Kate and William got the chance to hear about the work done there and how it benefits people in need of support.

The focus on mental health issues continued as William and Kate heard about the work of the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre which tries to help young people needing support with programmes and resources that will offer solutions.

The couple talked to some of those using the services and their families and spent time with parents hearing about the support available to them when their children need help with mental health issues.

The last engagement of the tour, before the official farewell, was a chance to sail around the inner harbour of Victoria and hear about the work of two organisations helping young people to overcome problems and learn new skills.

The boat trip was a relaxed end to a tour that has seen the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge travel hundreds of miles, meet hundreds of people and look at issues affecting many areas of Canadian life today. No wonder they are smiling - Royal Visit Canada has been a success.

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