Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The Norwegian opening of parliament

King Harald of Norway during the opening of his country's parliament on October 3rd 2016
(photo Stortinget via Flickr)

It is traditionally the only time in the year when the King of Norway steps foot inside his country's parliament. King Harald has helped start the new political year which a speech from the throne and all the pomp and ceremony this special event attracts. The opening of Norway's parliament has taken place.

King Harald was accompanied by Queen Sonja and Crown Prince Haakon Magnus for the ceremony, arriving at the Storting in an open top car.

The royals were welcomed to the building with Harald and Haakon in full uniform. The King of Norway took his place on a golden throne with his consort and heir on either side and the formality of the ceremony got under way.

Harald read the Speech from the Throne which sets out the government's policies for the coming year with Sonja and Haakon standing for the duration.

As Harald left the Storting he appeared to miss one of the steps from the throne but steadied himself quickly. Crown Prince Haakon also offered a helping hand.

And then it was time to leave the ceremonial behind - King Harald holds regular meetings with his Prime Minister and Cabinet but his one trip to parliament is over, for another year.

All photos from Stortinget via Flickr.

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